Frequently asked questions

There are no doubt many questions you may have about Rotaract so here we are a few of most common questions, if your question is not answered here please do get in touch for more information.

Q. Is a Rotaract club a Rotary club ?

A. Rotaract is part of the Rotary international. However it operated in its own way and has its own events etc. Rotary and Rotaract Clubs work together on many projects both at home and abroad.

Q. So what is the connection between Rotary and Rotaract ?

A.  Rotaract Clubs are sponsored by a Rotary Club and Rotaract Clubs work together with that Club and other Rotary Clubs on projects. Rotaract clubs do, however, operate totally independantly from Rotary and have there own projects and events.

One very good example of Rotary and Rotaract collaboration is Rotaract helpers at the Calvert Trust each year where up to 15 Rotaractors get the chance to have a very cheap week taking part in an outdoor activity week helping physically/mentally disabled people do the same with the option to stay on very cheaply for the weekend in the lake district after and make it their own.

Q. I’m under 18, can I join ?

A. The lower age limit for Rotaract is 18. However if you are under that age you could still help and attend events but you could not be a full member of Rotaract until you are 18.

However you can join an Interact club, please contact us to find your local Rotary club and see if they are running an Interact club. If you are 17 then do contact us so we can ensure you can be involved and  join as soon as you can.

Q. I’m over 30, can I join ?

A. If you are over 30 you can help and attend Rotaract events, but you cannot be a member of a Rotaract Club. If you are over 30 you may consider joining a Rotary Club. Many Rotary Clubs are far more relaxed than you may think. There is less commitment required than in the past and many clubs are far more project based. Rotary is far more about doing what you can, when you can than attending meetings.

Q. Is Rotaract just a social organisation?

A. Rotaract is best termed a social club with a conscience. Rotaract clubs get involved with fund raising and community projects but also hold and attend social events. Every project has social interaction and above all everyone has fun.

Q. Will I have to stand on streets shaking a collection tin to raise money ?

A. Not at all. Fund-raising events are thought up to be fun, both for the clubs members running the event and members of the public taking part. If you really do not want to take part in a fund raising event you do not have to however you will be missing out on the fun ! (people watching while collecting money with your friends can also be more amusing than you think too and may get you free entry to sports events such as football and rugby matches).